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PCAP Touch Virtual Keys

Combine touch control and buttons on one PCAP touch panel

PenMount Virtual Keys replace hardware keypads or buttons and can be assigned keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

When enabled with the advantages of PenMount PCAP controllers, the potential of PenMount Virtual Keys is limitless. Shortcuts for navigating frequently used options enhance the convenience of kiosks, POS, information,…

AD-Boards DCMR-61 and DCMR-4k

Two new DCMR-Cards are now available:

  • DCMR-61 – small size kit solution with DP-input
  • DCMR-4k – a solution to drive UHD Panels

DCMR-61 supports dual channel LVDS with 24bpp up to 186MHz clock.
As input is a DisplayPort used. Scaler-chip is the well-known Realtek-chip RTD 2486. The LCD-voltage can be chosen between 3V and 5V.

DCMR-4k supports beneath 8-channel LVDS with 30bpp, V-by-One and…

The Beck Company Group has been standing for technical competence, application appropriate advice and a high added value for your new development for more than 90 years.

90 years are more than a historical period. They reflect the commitment of four generations and their constant obligation to reliability, trust continuity and tradition.

We will have pleasure in greeting you again this year to…

DCMR Karte kundenspezifisch

Our scaler boards from the DCMR series with the Realtek chip can support simple graphics now.

We have used this function as an extension to the standard firmware and integrated the possibility to show start-up-logo of our customers. It brings more identity to your product and makes the final solution unique.

After analyzing the complexity of the logo and customized expectations the one-time…