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The PCAP product range from AMT at a glance

Flexibility and adaptability

The use of touchscreen technologies has developed rapidly in various application areas, from portable devices to interactive displays. AMT, a leading manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, offers a diverse range of PCAP variants to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. With screen sizes ranging from 5.7" to 32", these variants offer flexibility and scalability for different customer requirements.

AMT's standard solutions are available in three different versions: as a simple PCAP film, with unprinted cover glass or with black printed cover glass. The version without printing is not much larger than the actual PCAP film, while the version with printing is larger all around to be integrated into a front.

In addition to their outstanding functionality, AMT's touchscreen solutions also allow for customization of the cover glass, including size, glass finish and printing, with custom designs or brand logos easily integrated.

AMT's PCAP products ensure fast time-to-market and help companies strengthen their competitive position. With fast production and delivery, they help companies respond flexibly to ever-changing market demands and shorten “time-to-market”.

Our aim is to offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements and design ideas of our customers.

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Black printed cover glass with PCAP film
Black printed cover glass with PCAP film (photo: Beck Elektronik)