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We want to say THANK YOU!

For the 14th time this year the readers of the trade magazine "Elektronik" were called upon to select their "Distributor of the Year" in the German-speaking countries.

The year 2020 has in many aspects confronted us with new situations and demanded adjustments. Also the election of the Distributor of the Year was packed into a new "dress" by Elektronik.

Thus, the former product areas (Active Components, Passive Components, Electromechanics, Optoelectronics, Displays and Embedded) and their subcategories (Product Portfolio, Product Availability Samples, Product Availability Volume, Delivery Service Samples, Delivery Service Volume, Technical Competence/Support and Overall Impression) became a differentiation by distribution groups. These groups (Broadliner, Specialty Distributors, Distributors for I, P & E [Interconnects, Passive & Electro Mechanics] and Catalog Distributors) were in turn subdivided into a reduced number of subcategories (Overall Impression, Delivery Service, Technical Competence, Product Portfolio and Product Availability).

As a distributor focused on selected products, markets and customer segments, BECK Elektronik, like more than 30 market companions, found its strengths most easily in the group of "special distributors". Due to the lack of differentiation of the product ranges, there was also a mixing of more or less similar market companions and specializations.

Despite this mixture BECK Elektronik was able to achieve excellent placements and successes for itself! Even if this year, with more than thirty competitors, it did not make it to the podium, BECK was able to rank between fourth and sixth place in every category!

We are especially pleased about our best rating in the area of "Technical Competence & Support", with a school grade of 1.37! As a specialist and solution provider this is the highest recognition for us!

We would like to thank all our customers who have given us their vote and prove their trust in us daily with new orders!

The BECK group of companies sees the result as a confirmation of our corporate philosophy, which is characterized by reliability, innovation and tradition. You have strengthened our principles of strong customer loyalty, which is based on partnership-based customer service, with your choice. At the same time, we see the good placements as motivation for the future to continue to provide you with the most recognized service and the best support!

Distributor des Jahres / Elektronik 2020