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Full Color LED-Display Module with Pixel-Pitch < 1mm

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been known for a long time and have made a grandiose triumphant march through the lighting industry, automotive industry and consumer products. LEDs can be found in all areas of everyday life and another stage for LEDs is display technology.

LEDs have been used for some time for backlighting TFT displays. As a standard design, side-mounted LEDs radiate light into a fiber optic system, which emits the light over the entire display surface. Recently, there have also been developments that emit the light directly (direct light) and thus increase the contrast and thus the image quality immensely over the locally controllable area.

The next big step is then consequently the representation of pixels no longer via a backlit liquid crystal display, but the staging of each RGB pixel by a single LED.

The company Yenrich Technology Corporation (Yenrich), part of the Ennostar Group, from Taiwan already produces such LED displays today – not only for soccer stadiums or concert arenas – but scalable sizes for your display concepts.

As a specialist for multicolor LEDs, Yenrich brings in its expertise and integrates four identical mini RGB LEDs in one package (4in1) – which allows the pitch (distance between the pixels) to be less than 1 mm! These highly integrated 1515 RGB LED packages are placed close together on a PCB designed for this purpose, creating an LED matrix module that forms the basis of the LED display:

This LED module, consisting of 160x180 pixels, measures 15x16.8cm and brings a luminosity of 1000-2500 cd/m² with a power consumption of 200 W/m². The contrast is 8000:1 and thus the IF09HP0.0 scores with an extremely good viewing angle from all viewing directions.

With these values, the LED display module (IF09HP0.0) plays in the top league of display technologies!

The robustness at temperature (-25°C to +40°C) and the longevity of 100,000 working hours should be emphasized in particular.

Target applications of this technology are the advertising industry, displays in public transport (PI), equipment of buildings and conference rooms as well as the appealing design of sales areas (digital signage & POS).

Yenrich is a leading Multi Color LED company from Taiwan and is represented in Europe by BECK Elektronik Display GmbH, part of the BECK group of companies.

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Full Color LED-Display Module
Mini LED-Display
LED-Display Modul (IF09HP0.0) – Makro picture
Makro picture of 4in1 1515 RGB