Yenrich LED Displays


Taiwan-based Yenrich Technology Corporation (Yenrich), part of the Ennostar Group, specializes in LED displays. Founded in January 2019, with Dr. David Su as Chairman and Mr. Frank Hsu at the top, the company employs 120 people, nearly half of whom work in the development of multicolor LEDs and LED displays.

Through its integration into the Ennostar Group, Yenrich has vertical access to all key optoelectronic technologies: EPI/chip through EPISTAR Corporation and packaging through Lextar Electronics.

As a specialist in multicolor LEDs, Yenrich brings its expertise by incorporating four identical mini RGB LEDs into one package (4in1) – bringing the pitch (distance between pixels) below 1 mm!

These highly integrated 1515 RGB LED packages are placed close together on a PCB designed for this purpose, thus creating an LED matrix module that forms the basis of the LED display (Figure 1).

This LED module, consisting of 160x180 pixels, measures 15.0x16.8cm and provides a luminosity of 1000-2500 cd/m² with a power consumption of 200 W/m². The contrast is 8000:1 and thus the IF09HP0.0 scores with a very good viewing angle from all viewing directions.

The robustness at temperature (-25°C to +40°C) and the longevity of 100,000 working hours should be emphasized.

Target applications of this technology are the advertising industry, displays in public transport (PI), equipment of buildings and conference rooms as well as the appealing design of sales areas (digital signage & POS).

This modular design of the IF09HP0.0 can be extended as required (Figure 4), for example 3x2 IF09HP0.0 modules become the D09NWG0.0 "Cabinet" with a resolution of 640x360 pixels and a size of 27 inches (600.0x337.5x45.0mm).

General performance data at 25°C
Cabinet weight 7 kg
Brightness 0 – 1000 cd/m²
Viewing angle >160°
Contrast 10000:1
Power consumption 200 W/m²
Supply voltage 100 -240 V
Frame rate 60 Hz

In contrast to a normal TFT, where the entire image content is passed on to the display controller, the Cabinet requires an external video controller to display an image.

This video controller divides the image to be displayed into individual segments corresponding to the LED module (IF09HP0.0) and controls these individually in order to display the overall image on the Cabinet (D09NWG0.0) (Figure 5).

These cabinets are also expandable and can be seamlessly brought together to generate a gapless viewing area. 

For example, video walls of 3x3 Cabinets can combine to create full HD resolution at a gigantic 81" (2.05m) screen diagonal, 4K resolution at 163" (4.14m) or even more (Figure 6).

Both cabinets and the external video controller including power supply are available from the company BED from Nuremberg.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact your contact person in our company or write to info@beck-elektronik[dot]de.